What Will People Need in the Future?

Direct Services International, Jeff Kriz

Looking back historically people needed Fire for warmth, Language to communicate and a system to barter goods and services for commerce. Currently and into the future Energy, Communication and Banking are the top commodities in the world and the demand for these “Essential Services” will increase. The only thing left to the imagination will be the delivery systems designed to provide these services.

DSI has been designed to stay on the cutting edge of technology and have the forward thinking to provide these “Essential Services” far into the future. Thus we are keeping our customers informed to new trends, products and ease of purchase on a busy schedule. To the Entrepreneurs a unique business opportunity to create a re-occurring stream of income to achieve the life style you desire.

THREE mistakes even seasoned homeowners make that keep them living month to month...and how a Budget can help build the future of your dreams!

1. Lack of Preparation for the unexpected

    a. No saving to help with the bills

    b. No Plan B- no additional income

2. Relationships- Money issues

    a. Damages marriages

    b. Causes Complacency

3. Ruins Credit rating


One of the tell tale signs of concern is the money earned does not last the whole month. The bills pill up and the payments are late or put off till next month. The worst thing that could happen is a family member gets sick or the car breaks down and there is no money to help in these situations.


1. Make a budget. Prioritize your expenditures and create a rainy day fund to cover an unexpected event needing a remedy right away.

2. Budget money for family activities and school events

3. Take a look at where you can create saving on your re-occurring bills such as Cell phones, utility savings and other payments made every month. If you could save $50 on some of these bills you have just created a savings account of $600 for those unexpected bills or pay down credit card debt

Sticking to a Budget will ease tensions in the family, create knowledge of your spending habits and create a Safety Net your family needs for those unexpected events in life.